Group ShowsSaatchi Gallery, London (2018)
Curated by Ginevra FiorentiniNorth

South East West, Whats up, London (2018)
Curated by Lawrence Van Hagen

The Politcs of Pink, The Dot Project, London (2017)
Curated by India Whalley, Lara Monro and Marta Szymura.
Cowboys and Girls vinyl, acrylic, spray paint and turpentine on canvas,160 x 130, 2018
Buddhist televisions, 180 x 140, Ink, epoxy resin, enamel, 2019
Dog was a..., 122 x 152, Latex, Ink, 2018
Urkle in Spanish is Urlke, 92 x 122, Spray paint, enamel, Ink, 2018
The praise of hicks, 180 x 140, UV ink, latex, acrylic, whitespirit, 2018
The rock of psyche, 210 x 190, Ink, epoxy resin, enamel, 2019
Feet first, sleeves flapping, 180 X 140, Uv ink, Latex, Acrylic, Turps, 2018
Golf, 210 x 190, Ink, epoxy resin, paper, spray paint, 2019